Unknown love

Hold my heart and let us bond like never before, open your heart and listen to what my heart is saying about you. My heart speaks of a woman who wants to give away love and receive love back again. Let us run away from this plant and let us create our own universe where only you and I will live happily ever after. Let me look into your soul and allow me to take away the hurt that you’ve stored inside of you. Allow me to take care of you and to take away the sadness that has blocked you from exploring happiness.
Know that I will be there for you whenever you need me. Explore the excitement I get when our eyes meet when you hold my hand and tell me how special I am to you. Don’t let fear come in the way of our future together. Let us embrace difficult moments that come to destroy what we share let us conquer each battle like true warriors.
The love that brought us together is the same love that will forever live inside of us.
Love that will create a home for our children and grandchildren, the kind of love that will allow us to grow old together.
Love that will allow us to rest next to each other when we die. Love that will leave a legacy for those we leave behind.
Love that will allow us to find each other in heaven.
Unknown love please find us.

The thought of death

The sound of terror that shuck the universe into little pieces, pieces that will break the heart and that will leave an unforgettable mark that will haunt the spirit.

A moment that reminds the mind of the souls that have been swallowed by earth. Tears that have tuned into floods.

The mind is not at ease when the heart is worried about a death of a mother a death of a father a sister and a brother.

The body puzzled when it is aware that those who have left the world will never be seen as long as we are on earth.

We haunted by memories that remind us of the time we have spent with those who don’t exist anymore those who are not seen by the naked eye.

Our bodies burning in and out when the heart collects information about the one that was taken away. A thought that infiltrates the mind into a broken glass.

The world has become a place of uncertainty it has become a place where innocent lives have been taken away.

The seeking mind continues to adjust to what tomorrow might bring, it continues to collect memories about the special people that are not seen anymore.


CaptureOpen her heart and see the damage that you have caused. Look inside of her soul and see how broken she is inside. Her body is bruised, her mind unstable. You came into her life you promised her heaven and earth. You stored sweet words inside her thoughts. She believed every word you said not once did she doubt, she drew in your words because she thought you were different, she believed you because she did not want to compare you to him.

The agony in her heart when she found out that you lied, her heart immediately stopped beating at that moment, she could not believe that you lied to her. The one person she trusted the one person she allowed into her life had now broken their love. She confronted him, but his reaction showed no remorse at all. He looked her and told her that he thought they were just friends.

She took the remaining pieces of her heart and tried to repair the pieces. She lost a part of her, she lost the ability to trust again. She looks at the starts at night and wishes you had lived up to your word. Her mind wants to hate you, but her heart wants to love you even more. She hates feeling like this , she cries herself to sleep at night hoping that she will be able to erase the love that is still stored inside of her.




Lost in the past

@ Nyeleti Ndubane
📷 Photo credit : Lutho Somdyala

Unrealistic memories that reveal themselves when we are unable to forgive ourselves, when we look into the mirror and imagine a world where we once lived. A world where we were still finding our identities in a place we thought was home. Soul conflicted as we try not to let go of the past, we look back and we try to fix what will never be.

Our souls tarnished when we are defined by our past, our hearts overwhelmed by hurt when we think of our deeds. We are unable to let go of what we were in the beginning. We source our pain from allowing ourselves to believe that the past defines who we are today.


Dear imaginary world

Please take us into a place where hurt is not found, a place where happiness is in the eyes of each and every one of us.

Take away the pain that we carry inside of us, pain that we’ve buried in our thoughts. Open our eyes; let us see our potentials let us live our dreams without being worried about being judged.

Let each child capture opportunities that will take them out of a place full of darkness into a place where hope and love is found.

Please activate our thoughts and abilities into action; let us use our hands to change our circumstances.

Develop strong hearts that will withstand the pressure of the people who don’t believe in dreaming. Allow our souls to dream.

📷 Portia Wakashe
@Ayathandwa Mpofu



You are who you are because

Walking on earth only to realize that your purpose has been snatched away from you by small minded people who you have allowed to control into your life, people who try to make themselves feel better by making other people feel bad about themselves.
Your tortured soul that has been ripped into tiny little tiny pieces. You don’t seem to believe anymore because you were told that you would never make in life because you were different. Because there is something about you that intimidates the people around you.

You look into other people’s thoughts trying to be liked; you look into their beliefs hoping they will tell you what you want to hear. Your mind so eager at being perfect that you don’t realize that we all make mistakes and that it is because of our mistakes that we are able to grow as human beings.

Why do you torture yourself so much?
Why can’t you accept your imperfections ?
Why can’t you look into the mirror and see how BEAUTIFULLY made you are ?
Why is it that we allow people to drain us with their mentalities ?
Why can’t we look outside of us and see how unique we are ?
When will we look inside of us and see how beautiful we are ?


In the middle of a dream

Emotions running high as he tries to manipulate his thoughts tossing himself in and out in a middle of bad dream. He tries to reach for life, but he is unable to. His nightmares have a become reality. He tries to scream as loud as he can but they all stare at him. He drags his body in an attempt to bring awareness to the people around him but nobody cares. He struggles to breathe as he makes his way to the world of the dead. He endures all sorts of pain; he tries to sustain himself but he is just too weak.

His mind has become cold as he reminisces on his time spent on earth. He is reminded of how stubborn his heart has been to those who loved him, to those who really cared for him. His stubborn heart resulted in a life where he lived for money, forgetting that there is more to life then the materialistic things. He froze when he took his last breath he searched for God, he tried to connect with him but it was already too late.